About Us

Our Vision

Mistral Experiences provides high quality small group food and wine tourism in authentic south of France settings with a focus on building relationships between guests and the local environment. We use our years of experience, connections, and hands-on research to develop a high quality travel experience.

Our Values

• Mistral Experiences is a socially and environmentally conscious travel enterprise
• Mistral Experiences offers a kind of “slow food and wine tourism”, providing guests with the opportunity to embrace living in the moment, immersing oneself in a small village or region to best understand its influences, food, drinks and culture
•Mistral Experiences uses personal experience, connections, and hands-on research to develop a high quality travel experience
• Mistral Experiences creates not only an itinerary of experiences but sends home a suitcase of unique memories that people will want to recommend to others and make an effort to return to
• Mistral Experiences intentionally connects people with similar interests in food, wine, and travel to enhance the opportunity to make new friendships and learn from each other in this “home away from home” setting
• Mistral Experiences offers superior customer service with 24 hour attention to detail

Slow Travel

Do you feel that life is moving too quickly? Do you dream of travel that offers a slower-paced alternative? The idea of slow travel is a relatively new one which embraces living in the moment, immersing oneself into a small village or region in order to best understand its influences, food, drinks and culture, taking the time to really savor the experience. This resonates with many of us. Many of us live fast. Fast food, fast track lives which lack time to enjoy the meaningful moments. If you looking for an opportunity to slow everything down and really experience what it would be like to live in a quiet village in the south of France, this may be for you.

Make memories

The time you spend in this region will definitely be memorable. This area is relatively undiscovered and has a wealth of food and wine offerings just waiting to be experienced. The geographic area is incredibly diverse from mountains to lagoons, the people are generally open and lively, and the terroir provides food and wine with a unique flavor distinct to the region. You need to visit to really understand all that this region has to offer.

What we do

• Find authentic and comfortable accommodation that is representative of the region
• Meet you at the airport and transfer you to our home for the week
• Offer comfortable transportation to our destinations throughout the week
• Provide authentic and locally sourced food and wine experiences
• Plan all the essential details of your travel for you, so you can slow down, relax, and enjoy each moment

Our Guests

• Want to be part of a small group experience
• Are interested in an 18+ environment
• Are seeking the opportunity to try fresh, locally sourced foods and regional specialities
• Want to experience local wines and see some of the many unique forms of wine production in the region
• Are looking for comfortable accommodation in authentic environments
• Want to visit the “hidden gems” of the region

Our Experiences

Mistral Experiences offers small group tours (6-10 people) for discerning adults seeking the opportunity to enjoy the food, wine and ambiance of one of the most beautiful and diverse regions in France. Authentic accommodation, memorable meals, wine tastings, and ancient villages all led by a knowledgeable native of the region

Food and Wine Tourism

Since the term was coined in the early 2000's this area of travel has exploded. People are excited about branching out and trying new flavours . Travellers are learning that there are other ways to experience the world and that it can be ethical and meaningful. We believe deeply in promoting the values of food and wine tourism and the "100 mile" rule of eating local.

Authentic Village Life

Would you like to really take the time to get to know one region well? Visit the markets, have a pastis at the local bar, speak to the local wine maker and enjoy fresh simple food? The south of France is full of many hidden gems with few tourists and a rich history to discover.  Ranging from dramatic historic castles to sleepy fisherman's huts, the region's beauty is diverse.